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OSG MM - The Open Science Grid Match Maker

Mats Rynge

Renaissance Computing Institute

Table of Contents

Administration Guide
Deployment Scenarios
Installing OSG MatchMaker
Configuring Condor
Testing the Install
Enabling Site Verification/Maintenance
Overriding ClassAd Attributes or Full ClassAds
Job Statistic Graphs
User Guide
The OSG Match Maker Concept
Command Line Tools
Simple Job
Condor Grid Submit Wrapper
Advanced Job


This is a document describing how to install and use the OSG Match Maker system.

OSGMM, the Open Science Grid Match Maker, is a match maker which sits on top of the OSG Client software stack. It gets site information from ReSS (Resource Selection Service) and uses a feedback system from/to Condor to publish the site information and keep job success history data. You can use OSGMM to schedule your compute jobs across all available resources to your VO on OSG, and subsets of the resources with Condor's requirements expressions.

For details on the underlying components: